Battle Zone Update 1.2

We updated Battle Zone! We fixed a huge bug and added some buffs and nerves.

UPDATE - 1.2
- Bugs

we fixed the teleport bug, when you spammed your shooting command (m button) you would teleport on a random position. This bug is fixed.

- Buffs

Bruno: his bullets has now a pierce effect.

Black Dragon: After his hp drops to 40 or lower, he shoots a a small dragon. If the dragon hits you it will deal 20 points of damage and stagger you.

- Nerves

Xiaomu: Her spike attack change to a thunder. Upon hit by the thunder it deals 5 points of damage and causes a stun for 1 sec. The dark nebula attack has also change. It is activated after her hp drops to 40 hp or lower, instead on 70 hp or lower.


Battle Zone V1.2.exe 76 MB
Jun 03, 2017

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